Top Ten Chicken Keeping Blog Posts of 2015

Each year I like to look back to see what you all are reading on my website. Which of my blog posts were most often searched and read throughout the year? It's interesting to me, and gives me a better idea of the topics you want to hear about in the coming year. Some, surprisingly enough, were brand new this year, others are from the archives - going back almost five years. So without further ado, here are the top ten most read posts of 2015!

A brand new post this fall, my easy hack to keep your chickens' water from freezing quickly jumped into the top ten most-read posts of the year. 

Shorter days is usually the cause for a decrease in egg production, but there can be other causes. One of the questions I am asked most often, this post answers the question of why your chickens aren't laying.

This post in which I share my 'recipe' for my flock's daily feed has been a favorite year after year. It's gone through some slight changes and been tweaked over the years, but this current version is the best I think.

A new post this year, the answer to whether you should wash your chickens' eggs after collecting them is answered in this post.

One of the very first blog posts I write back in 2012 was this one on using apple cider vinegar, garlic and diatomaceous earth. It continues to be one of my most-read posts year after year.

Chickens need access to fresh, unfrozen water every day, and that can be a challenge when the temperatures drop. My five easy ways to keep water from freezing came in as the fifth most read post of the year.

What not to feed your chickens was one of the most popular posts of the year. Read this handy list to find out what's on my no-no list.

Fresh eggs don't peel well. This post in which I share my secret for perfectly peeled eggs - every time - came in at number 3.

How to freeze extra eggs when your flock is laying well was a popular topic this year. Once you get used to your own eggs, it's hard to buy storebought. This way, you'll have eggs set aside for holiday baking and through the winter when production slows.

And that leaves us with the #1 most popular post from the past year. The answer to the question "why should eggs be stored pointy end down" has been read by nearly a quarter million of you since I wrote it this summer, making it my most popular post of all time, as well as the most popular post of the year. Didn't know the answer to that one? Well now you do. 

So did you read them all? Be sure and go back and read any that you missed.  Do you have other favorites? Please let me know what topics you would like to see covered in future posts. And in case you're interested here are the Top Ten from previous years.

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