Welcome to 2016!

This past year was such a transitional time for Fresh Eggs Daily. I've worked hard these past few years and have finally managed to turn something that was an enjoyable hobby into a bona fide career.

This meant that my husband was able to quit his job (32 years working for the Navy - it was time!) and we pulled up roots and left Virginia where we had spent the last decade or so, and settled on our new farm in Maine. We couldn't be happier here! 

But of course that meant that our summer was spent packing and getting ready to move, then fall was spent unpacking and settling in. We built a run for the chickens, split and stacked firewood, bought snow shovels and generally made sure we were ready for a cold, snowy Maine winter.

In between all that, my second book came out in October. Yay! And my first book is holding its place as the best-selling chicken keeping book on Amazon for a second year.

Although I actually am quite the introvert in my personal life, I not only appeared on national television this year not once, but twice, and I also started traveling around the country speaking at fairs and conferences, meaning that I had the opportunity to meet many of you in person. That was so neat to put a face to a name and I hope to meet many more of you this coming year.

I was able to travel to the corporate headquarters of both Manna Pro and Tractor Supply Company for an insiders' look at their operations, new products in the works and to meet the folks at those great companies. I look forward to working with them both this year on some brand new projects.

All of this is so exciting to me because while my Facebook page is now the largest chicken keeping page by a long shot, I still was only reaching a limited audience. But by taking my "act" on the road so to speak, I am opening up a whole new audience to the wonderful benefits of natural chicken keeping.
Which was my point in the first place when I started Fresh Eggs Daily back in 2011.

So what will 2016 bring? 

Well, I am currently working on a third book that I know you're all going to love! It should be out at the end of this year (I'll keep you updated with more details when I can) and I think it's going to be my best yet.

I have already lined up speaking engagements and book signings in Indianapolis, Indiana, Waynesboro,Virginia, Asheville, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida,  and Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Be sure to check this tab on Facebook for updates to my schedule as the year progresses. I would love to meet more of you in person!

And actually this year I plan on unplugging and stepping back from the keyboard a whole lot more to enjoy my family, our animals and the natural beauty that Maine has to offer. We're not far from the ocean, near mountains for skiing, and surrounded by woods that we'll enjoy exploring.

On the homefront, I'll be hatching baby chicks and ducklings in the spring (when exactly IS spring in Maine anyway?) and would love to add bees, geese, goats and a miniature donkey to our little homestead. 

I will also be taking a Master Gardeners course this spring that will keep me busy, along with planting a vegetable garden here on our farm (as soon as I figure out the differences between Zone 7 and Zone 5 gardening!)

So, 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year! I am so grateful that my choices in life led me on this path and that I am where I am. I truly AM where I belong. I am also so grateful for all of your support because without all of you sharing my posts and telling family, friends and neighbors to come check me out, Fresh Eggs Daily wouldn't be what it is today.

I hope that over the years I have entertained you, or educated you, or encouraged and inspired you and that you will continue to follow my journey ... because I think it's only going to get better from here! 

Be social..
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