A Week in Farm Photos March 27th - April 2nd

We have seedlings sprouting, herbs on the windowsill and eggs in the incubator. The calendar says it's spring and time marches towards warmer weather, but unbelievably, we're expecting snow again next week. Hard to believe it's already April. I have three trips planned this month, five speaking engagements, and of course those eggs in the incubator will hopefully hatch! So things will be busy around here.  

Fortunately, my husband stands in when I'm traveling and does a great job taking care of the chickens and ducks. And this spring, he'll be watering plants and turnings eggs too, it appears!  I hope I timed the setting of the eggs right, so I'm home when they hatch, otherwise he'll be getting a crash course in setting up a brooder as well! While I am so honored and blessed to be able to travel and speak to audiences all over the country, I really do miss being home and the routine of my daily chicken chores.  Enjoy this peek at our pseudo-spring week.

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