A Week in Farm Photos May 15th - 21st

Dare I believe it's actually approaching shorts weather here in Maine? It's been in the mid-70s and believe it or not, the chickens have actually been panting a bit and holding their wings out! How fast they forget the near 100 degrees days on end they experienced in Virginia! I organized my new potting shed this week, and we planted raspberry and blackberry bushes plus a few more blueberry bushes, and we found a hidden rhubarb patch. 

I have tomatoes and eggplant seedlings in the ground and planted some sunflower, lettuce, snap pea and green bean seeds. We had our first hummingbird of the season stop by to visit and we have both barn swallows and bluebirds nesting in our birdhouses. We have our first broody hen sitting on a nest of eggs..and the Littles are almost five weeks old. Enjoy this peek at our week.

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