A Week in Farm Photos - Shooting a TV Show Pilot August 14th-20th

Our farm was a flurry of excitement this week as we welcomed the film crew from WPXT/WPME-TV to shoot the pilot for a new television show I will be hosting. The 30-minute lifestyle show will bring to life my Facebook page and blog, encompassing chicken keeping, gardening and cooking with fresh eggs from the coop and fresh produce from the garden.  The chickens did great hitting their marks, but I think the ducks ultimately stole the show. Winston even got to star in one scene and got it perfect on the first take - I, on the other hand, needed two more tries until I got it right. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes peek at our week as I got a crash course in voice-overs and B roll.

I hope you enjoyed this quick peek inside the  making of my new show. I'll share more details as I have them, but I do know that the pilot will air on the local Maine/New Hampshire station in September, and will also be available for everyone to stream online. I'll have the link here on the blog as well as on my Facebook page. 

I would like to thank the generous sponsors who have made this show possible. Please be sure to visit their websites, buy their products and support them whenever you can.

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