8 Potentially Harmful or Toxic Herbs to Avoid in Chicken Keeping

September 27, 2016

Most herbs have wonderful health benefits for both humans and animals and have been used down through the ages to treat, prevent and cure all kinds of ailments, but not all herbs are safe. 

I do use lots of herbs with my chickens, both in their environment and diet, but I am careful to stick to the common, culinary herbs which are safe and perfectly edible, because some herbs are toxic to chickens (and people).

Do you Hear What I Hear? All about Chicken Hearing

September 20, 2016

Chickens hear very much like human beings do. They have two ears, one on either side of their head. They have eardrums, and an outer ear, middle ear and inner ear, just like we do. They are able to harness sound waves and send them to the inner ear. 

A Week in Farm Photos Sept 11th to 17th

September 17, 2016

Brrrrr....there's a definite chill in the air as the temperatures start to dip down into the 40's at night. The leaves are beginning to change and we're looking to a glorious fall season here in Maine. All that's left in the garden now are some herbs, pumpkins and the corn. I'll be drying the herbs and harvesting the pumpkins and corn, then arranging them on the front porch for a bit of seasonal decor.  Take a peek at our week.

10 Healthy Sources of Added Protein for Molting Chickens

September 13, 2016

The first time your chickens go through a molt, dropping their feathers all over the coop and run, you'll likely do a quick headcount, sure some predator got in. While it seems that some chickens lose their feathers all at once, while others barely show any signs of molting, the first molt will be triggered by the shorter days in the fall, when your chickens are about 18 months old. And there's no need to worry, it's perfectly normal and in fact gets the chickens ready for winter.

A Week in Farm Photos - September 4th - 10th

September 10, 2016

As the summer winds down, I'm busily harvesting the last of the tomatoes and watching our pumpkin patch excitedly.  The leaves are already starting to turn on the sugar maples and there's a chill in the air each morning. I headed down to Portland earlier this week to preview the pilot of my new TV show Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele which will air on Monday (I'll share the link on Facebook so everyone can watch it streaming online!) and am excited to hear what you all think of the newest 'chicken lifestyle' show to hit the airwaves. I hope that each episode will bring my Facebook page and blog to life for you all - in the meantime, enjoy this peek at our week.

Choosing the Right Fencing for your Chicken Coop, Run or Garden

September 6, 2016

Keeping your flock safe from predators is something important to consider if you are new to chicken keeping, or building or buying a new coop, chicken tractor or run. Keeping your garden veggies safe from marauding bunnies, deer and wild birds is always a struggle. Not all chicken fences or fencing options are created equal - and using the wrong type of fencing can lead to heartbreaking losses.

A Week in Farm Photos - August 29th to Sept 3rd

September 3, 2016

What a fun week! We've been picking tomatoes and eggplant from the garden and eagerly watching the progress of our corn and pumpkins. And one of our spring chicks started laying this week! We made a trip to Tractor Supply Co. which is always fun, but seeing my book on the shelf was the icing on the cake. Speaking of dessert....I baked a pie using some rhubarb a neighbor shared with us. 

I sat down earlier in the week for an interview for a magazine article that will come out next spring and yesterday we (finally) picked out our new counter top, so we are ready to start a much-needed mini kitchen makeover. Oh, and I got some good news from my editor about book #4, so stay tuned for more details on that in the coming months. All in all, it was a good week here on the farm. Want to take a peek?

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