Take A Peek at Our Week November 20th - 26th

Lots to be thankful for this holiday season. Everyone's healthy and happy, and we've even seen a bit of snow! The coop got a bit of new decor to keep the girls busy since they're spending more time inside than they do in the warmer months.
This week brought some exciting news that I'll be sharing soon (hint: it has to do with Martha Stewart!). I was also honored to be interviewed by Time magazine for an article.  Yup, that Time magazine! No, not Woman of the Year! But still, pretty exciting nonetheless. I was also asked to contribute to Farmers Almanac again for next year's issue, which I eagerly agreed to, and one of my photos is going to be featured in a kids science magazine. 
I've started work on my new book and will be turning in the outline and first chapter to my editor next week. All great news for backyard chicken keeping. It's really gone mainstream, which is a "good thing" as Martha would say!

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