Take a Peek at our Week January 1st - 7th

Well, it's a new year - and it has started off with a literal BANG! This week our chickens were featured in no less than three magazines: American Farmhouse Style, Hobby Farms Chicken Coops & Playgrounds and Natural Chicken Keeping. My new book Gardening with Chickens is selling really well...but most exciting, I appeared on NBC's local Maine news and entertainment show 207. You can watch HERE as I chat with hosts Rob Caldwell and Caroline Cornish about chickens, ducks, gardening and living in Maine!

Speaking of living in Maine, we got another 8 inches or so of snow this past week, a bit of an ice storm and the temperatures slid down below zero last night. But everyone is doing just fine, even though the chickens prefer to hang out in the coop rummaging in the straw instead of romping in the snow with the ducks!

So anyway, I'm super excited about the coming year and that backyard chickens seem to be slowly seeping into the mainstream media. One of my resolutions for the new year is to continue to work hard to share the joys of raising chickens with as many people as I can and to encourage and inspire others to grow and raise chickens, ducks, veggies and herbs. I think that's a pretty good plan for 2017 and I have a few surprises up my sleeve to help with that endeavor. Anyway, enjoy this peek at our week!

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  1. I'm always concerned about leaving the girls out of their coop on days below freezing. They never Stat in where it is warm. How do you handle cold weather both in and out of the coop?