Take a Peek at our Week January 8th - 14th

This week the weather ran the gamut, showing us a true New England January week. We started the week with a foot and a half of snow that soon became sheets of ice as the temperatures warmed a bit and everything started melting. Continued warm temperatures and then a day of rain really took a toll on the snow, leaving us by week's end with grass showing through and temperatures near 50 degrees. But by Saturday morning, we were back in the single digits.

Due to the weather, our outdoor activities were curtailed a bit, so I worked on a few articles I had promised to the editors of several magazines, and we finally took down our Christmas tree. We did manage to navigate our slippery driveway and head down to Waterville to have dinner at Amici's Cucina (excellent Italian food!) midweek, and then on Friday I spent a few hours at the UMaine Cooperative Extension Office helping with their social media accounts. Despite the cold and all the rain, we managed to get the gas line installed for our new stove (I'm finally replacing our electric stove with gas - yay!) and we're ready for delivery in a few weeks.

Once the snow melted, everyone was excited to be able to free range a bit, exploring around the coop looking for seeds and other bits to eat and enjoying some sun. Despite having no heat in our coop, the chickens and ducks are doing just fine.  Lots of straw and scratch grains before bedtime are my secrets. Enjoy this peek at our week!

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