Top Ten Chicken Keeping Blog Posts of 2016

Each year around this time I like to take a look back to see what the most popular articles were on my blog for the year. It's always interesting to see what you all are interested in learning about caring for your chickens. So, without further ado, here's the list of the top ten most-read articles of 2016.

This article focuses on the various things you can tell about your flock's health by monitoring comb color and condition. Anything from heat exhaustion to frostbite to the occurrence of a stroke or other circulatory issues can all be detected by taking a look at a chicken's comb. It was the tenth most read article on my website for the year. 

This virtual tour of my new chicken coop came in at #9 for the year. It includes photos of the coop I had built by Horizon Structures, as well as a video tour.

We all know that the eggs from our chickens are much fresher than eggs you buy from the supermarket - but is fresh really better? I answered that question in this article that was the 8th most popular for the year.

Since moving to Maine and having a wood stove for the first time, I've learned to put the ashes to good use around the coop and garden. I shared a dozen ways to use wood ash in this article that came it at #7.

Chickens love mealworms, and it turns out that the little squirmy buggers are pretty easy to raise yourself. Find out how in this article that ended the year as the 6th most popular.

We needed a new run attached to our new coop, and the article detailing how we built it - and predator-proofed it - ended up being the 5th most read article for the year.

Not normally the most popular topic of conversation, apparently chicken poop is of great interest to my readers! Coming in at #4 for the year, this article on what's normal and what's not when it comes to your chickens' poop was a hit.

After moving to Maine and getting a crash course in keeping our flock warm through their first winter, I shared some tips that I found effective in winterizing my chicken run. This popular article was the 3rd most popular for the year. It seems that everyone's interested in keeping their chickens warm through the winter.

Along the same lines of an earlier article, in this article which came in at #2 for the year, I took a look at just how old an egg on the supermarket shelf can be - and how to "crack the code" and determine which carton of eggs is the freshest.

#1 Why does my Egg Look Weird?And last but not least, the most popular article from last year on my website was one that explored why some eggs look a bit odd and the possible causes. From soft-shelled eggs to speckled eggs and everything in between, this article answered the question: why does my egg look weird?

And there you have it, the ten most popular articles for 2016. I have plenty more topics to cover in the coming year, so if you're not receiving my weekly newsletter, be sure you subscribe!

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