Take a Peek at my Week February 12th - 18th

This week was all about snow here in Maine. First we were hit with a near-blizzard early in the week that dumped about two feet of snow on us over the course of two days. We barely had time to get it all shoveled and plowed, when the winds picked up and blew everything back into the paths we had made. Then we got almost another foot. And then Mother Nature decided that wasn't enough, so she gave us another few inches! 

But that's why we moved to Maine. It's a winter wonderland here now. There's snow everywhere, with drifts and piles well over my head. We didn't see much of the chickens this week - they're pretty disgusted with the weather in general - ditto for the cat, but our dogs and the ducks seemed to really enjoy the snowfall.

The timing couldn't have been better actually because I managed to get home safely from Virginia before the near-blizzard hit,  was home to help my husband clean up from the storms, and then should have clear weather to fly out to Nashville and then on to Seattle next week.

I'll be attending an annual Tractor Supply event in Nashville on Monday and then I'll be in Seattle the rest of the week busy speaking at a garden club meeting, then doing two presentations and signing books at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and finally heading to The Grange in Issaquah for a Chick Days event. I'm excited! I haven't ever been to Seattle, so it should be a fun trip. (If you're interested in attending any of the events, here are details as well as my appearance schedule for the rest of the year - at least as much as I know at this point.) 

Anyway, it was nice to be home this week to be able to enjoy all the show. Take a peek at our week.

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