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March 7, 2017

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Here in Maine with such a short growing season, we try and do anything we can to extend the season on both ends. In the spring, starting seeds in the house is a great way to get a jump on planting, while keeping the seedlings safe from the unpredictable spring weather. It's not unknown for us to get snow right through April!

Using a greenhouse or cold frame is another great way to get planting a bit earlier come spring. Your seedlings will be protected from the elements as well as from bunnies, deer and most importantly, your chickens! And come fall, you can keep some of the more cold-hardy crops going a bit longer, protecting them from an early frost.

I have the GrowIT Backyard Raised Bed Round Greenhouse (pictured above) which was super easy to attach right onto my existing 4x4 raised bed that I had planted herbs in last summer. By keeping the bed warmer and protected, I was still harvesting some of the more hardy herbs well into November, after our first snowfall! 

Grow IT Backyard Greenhouse was easy to assemble, compact and convenient. It basically will turn your raised bed garden into a mini greenhouse. Constructed with high quality steel that resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion, the roll-up cover provides airflow and temperature control. Tension ropes hold the cover in any position from fully closed to fully open to allow desired flow and the translucent fabric allows a significant amount of diffused light to reach the plants, while reducing the amount of harmful UV light. If you are a raised bed devotte, then the Grow IT Backyard Greenhouse, available in peak and/or round shapes, is for you! 
If you garden on a larger scale, whether you’re an amateur gardener or an expert grower, then the AccelaFrame Greenhouse is the perfect solution for your backyard growing needs. With increased structure strength, and less intimidating assembly than most DIY greenhouse kits on the market today, the AccelaFrame Greenhouse makes it easy to assemble and get an early start to early spring seedlings. So if you’re looking for a quick assembly and disassembly greenhouse that’ll give you an early start on your growing season, or you need something to protect plants from early or late season frost, the AccelaFrame Greenhouse has got you covered. 

The AccelaFrame Greenhouse is available in two sizes. Choose between the 12 x 20 x 9 ft. AccelaFrame Greenhouse, and the 12 x 10 x 9 ft. AccelaFrame Greenhouse. Put up the greenhouse in early spring to start seedlings. Take it down during the hot summer months. Quickly rebuild to extend the growing season and protect plants from late season frost. You can even let your chickens roam around inside it during the off-seasons, keeping them contained and safe from aerial predators while they scratch for bugs and weeds and help to till and fertilize the soil. 

With fewer parts than other greenhouses on the market today, the AccelaFrame assembles and disassembles in 30 minutes.  Learn more about the AccelaFrame Greenhouse over at the ShelterLogic website

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