Take a Peek at my Week - April 2nd - 8th

I just barely had time to unpack from my trip last week, get some laundry done and catch up with my family before it was time to head to Vermont. But in the few days I was home, I enjoyed a late spring snowfall, suspect we have a possible broody hen (c'mon Charlotte, if you hang in there - I promise to give you some fertile eggs to sit on when I get back!) and celebrated an early birthday/wedding anniversary with my husband and a few close friends.

Despite the snow and delayed start to spring here in Maine, egg production has ramped up and the girls are laying up a storm! It's my favorite time year - baby chicks and beautiful eggs! But it was time to head out again, so I did a quick clean-out of the fridge and portioned out the leftovers and contents of the crisper drawer into containers for snacks for the chickens while I'm gone - and packed my bags. 
Then it was time to head to the airport and fly to Burlington, Vermont. I'll be here until the middle of next week visiting a few Blue Seal stores for Chick Days. I have met so many nice people in the last month and hope to meet lots more of you during the remainder of my trip. You can check out the rest of the details/dates/locations here. I was in St. Albans today doing a chicken workshop and enjoyed an early dinner at Citizen Cider after visiting a local farm that has adorable cows and piglets. I've also been out to a local horse barn and got to watch some riding lessons. Take a peek at my week!

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