Take a Peek at my Week - May 7th - 13th

Hard to believe we've only lived in Maine now for just under two years. I feel like I've lived here forever! There's still so much I want to do (and we need to do!), but I'm happy with our progress, especially outside. Right away we planted some strawberries, plus raspberry and blueberry bushes, and I divided the gorgeous lilac bush that stands to one side of our front porch. I'm excited that all the cuttings seem to be doing great, so we should have lilacs and berries everywhere in a few years! 

We were thrilled to find an established herb garden, lots of native wildflowers, forsythia, honeysuckle, azaleas, a small rhubarb patch and a wild blueberry field when we moved in, but I still want to plant some more bulbs in the fall. I miss seeing the daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and hyacinths poking through the ground in early spring. I did manage to plant some tulips last fall to give us some early color this spring. I'm a huge fan of perennials. Less work! But getting them established can take some time. Hopefully I've still got years and years ahead of me though, to keep planting up here on our little farm in Maine!

A sure sign of spring, we have a few broody hens. Still not sure if I want to add any more chickens (or ducks) to my flock right now. I've been traveling a lot and really busy, so the timing isn't great and I'm kind of happy with the flock of eight ducks and ten chickens that we have now. I have no need for dozens and dozens of chickens that I can't keep track of. I would rather care for and love on a manageable number! Anyway, things are good here in Maine. Nice and green and lush. With eggs a-plenty. Take a peek at our week.

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