Take a Peek at Our Week - July 2nd to 8th

Our gardens look gorgeous, the flowers out front are blooming, we're collecting eggs by the basketful and our dogs are their usual irresistible selves. But I know what you're waiting for....BABY CHICK PICS!!!! So without further ado, take a peek at our week. And welcome our brand new batch of eleven Littles - they're a fun combination of Blue/Black Splash Ameraucanas, Ameriflowers and Cuckoo Bluebars we hatched from hatching eggs from our friends at My Pet Chicken.

Half the eggs went under our broody Olive Egger, Abigail, and half when into the incubator. I like to split the eggs up if at all possible, just so I don't have all my eggs in one basket (pardon the pun!)  Out in the coop under a broody hen, eggs can get broken, she can abruptly stop sitting, snakes can eat them...so they're alot safer in the house in an incubator. But then once the chicks started hatching in the incubator and had rested up a bit and dried off, I tucked them under Abigail and she's happily mothering them all! I have a little nursery set up in one corner of my coop, so no heat lamps or dusty brooders in the house!

A huge thank you to My Pet Chicken for supplying the hatching eggs...

and to Brinsea for the Maxi Eco Incubator. 
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