Take a Peek at my Week - Sept 17th - 23rd

I missed posting my weekly photo roundup last Saturday night because I was traveling and completely forgot to put it together before I left! So this week actually encompasses two weeks of photos - minus Friday-Tuesday of last weekend since I was in Texas and shared those photos in a separate post last Tuesday. Anyway....
Summer is officially over and the weather has definitely turned a bit cooler. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn and all that's left in the garden are some sweet potatoes, a few ears of corn and one pumpkin that isn't quite ready yet. I always love the end of harvest and pulling everything out for the chickens to feast on! They love corn silks and stalks, the last of the bug-eaten collards and Swiss chard, and even the sweet potato vines and leaves.  
But what I love even more is growing my own fall decor! Mini pumpkins, colored corn, squash, galore. So fun! We also went apple picking at a local orchard, so I see a nice homemade apple pie in our future! 
The big girls are still in full "molt mode", but hopefully still have time to regrow beautiful feathers before temperatures dip too much lower. The Littles will be 12 weeks old next Monday, so still a ways away from laying, but a few of our layers are still popping out a couple of eggs a week for us. I hope you enjoy this peek at life in Maine over the last two weeks.

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