Take a Peek at Our Week - Aug 27th to Sept 2nd

As the temperatures dip ever closer to the freezing mark, it's clear that summer is nearing an end, at least up here in Maine. While we might complain about the cold and snow at times, I'm thankful that wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes aren't things that we are faced with - and our hearts go out to all those affected in any way by Hurricane Harvey.
The Littles are growing - they'll be nine weeks old on Monday! Egg production has slowed due to heavy molting by both #teamchicken and #teamduck, but we're still picking tomatoes by the basketful and are waiting patiently for our corn and pumpkins to be ready to harvest. This week we decided to take a drive to beautiful Bar Harbor and enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside on the patio at Blaze which started with a lobster Bloody Mary, then we stopped at the ice cream shop for a lobster ice cream cone (when in Maine right?) Then this morning, I started a new coop project (#demoday).  Enjoy this peek at our week!

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