How (and Why) to Install a Sliding Barn Door in your Chicken Coop

October 30, 2017

While I certainly love building stuff and tackling DIY projects, I'm far from being an expert. I sort of learn as I go along, and often make mistakes along the way. My scrap pile of mistakes sometimes grows larger, but those scraps always come in handy for a future project! In the end, most things come out just fine. The most recent example of this was my determination to install a sliding barn door in my chicken coop.

Take a Peek at our Week - Oct 22nd - 28th

October 28, 2017

It was so nice to spend the week at home with family, just relaxing from my recent trip and continuing to get our farm, garden and coop ready for winter. I also managed to finish up my coop interior renovation - I'll share more photos of that next week I hope! We're still molting, so eggs are at a premium, but the Littles should start laying soon. Although the foliage this year in Maine was a bit of a disappointment, I'm still not complaining. Fall is a beautiful time here in New England. Enjoy this peek at my week!

The Importance of Keeping a Closed Flock of Backyard Chickens

October 26, 2017

The longer I keep chickens, the more I realize that my decision early on to keep a "closed flock" has been the right one. I hear and read so many heartbreaking stories about someone who adds adult chickens to their flock and next thing they know they have sick (or dying) birds on their hands. My chickens are super healthy, and while I accredit that mainly to a strict regiment of preventive, herbal immune system boosting and good genes, i.e. only getting stock from a reputable source, I also know that not bringing adult birds into my flock is likely the biggest reason my chickens never get sick.

Fresh Eggs Daily on the Hallmark Home and Family Show!

October 24, 2017

If you missed the Hallmark Home and Family show last Monday, you can catch my segment here! I was super excited to appear on the show to talk about my new book Let's Hatch Chicks!  

4 Things Your Chickens Need This Winter...and 3 Things They Don't

October 17, 2017

While it seems natural to worry about your chickens in the winter, they're actually far more comfortable in the cold than you might imagine. Even here in Maine, our chickens do just fine when there's snow on the ground and it doesn't get above freezing for days on end. They do however, appreciate a little bit of TLC to get them through it.

Take a Peek at my Week - Oct 8th-14th

October 14, 2017

Busy week this week! We spent two days filming another episode of my TV show Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele. You can watch it on the CW in the Portland Maine viewing area( WPME/WPXT) or streaming online HERE. I always love days when the film crew is here. It's so much fun, but totally exhausting at the same time! 

Take a Peek at my Week - Oct 1st to 7th

October 7, 2017

This past week was a busy one here on the farm! We've already had a frost or two, so I've been busy harvesting any remaining herbs and getting them drying to use through the winter, as well as cleaning up the vegetable garden to get it ready so I can plant some garlic. 

Controlling Poultry Mites and Lice Naturally with Herbs

October 4, 2017

As a longtime proponent of adding herbs to my chickens' diet and environment, I always get excited to read about new studies and research coming out about natural remedies and supplements. 
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