Take a Peek at my Week - Oct 8th-14th

Busy week this week! We spent two days filming another episode of my TV show Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele. You can watch it on the CW in the Portland Maine viewing area( WPME/WPXT) or streaming online HERE. I always love days when the film crew is here. It's so much fun, but totally exhausting at the same time! 

Then I spent the last part of the week cleaning up the flower beds and vegetable garden a bit. We've had a hard frost, so everything is dying back. That meant that our chicken run is now adorned with dried corn stalks, decorative corn and pumpkin halves! It's time to plant my garlic and flower bulbs for next spring, so that's on the agenda for this weekend. The chickens are still molting pretty hard, but our new Littles should start laying soon (they'll be 15 weeks old on Monday!) and will lay through the winter for us. Fall is in the air... and in fact we lit our wood stove for the first time the other morning. Enjoy this peek at our week!

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