Take a Peek at our Week - Oct 29th - Nov 4th

Well this was some week! We lost power (and a bunch of shingles from our garage roof!) in a wind storm Sunday night when a tree came down on the power lines to our house. At the time I'm writing this, the power is still not back on, but fortunately we have a generator that we've been running for a bit each morning for coffee and showers, and then again in the evening to cook dinner, charge our phones and get a little online work done while we watch the news. We also have a wood stove, so the house is warm and I've even been able to keep mugs of coffee warm on top of it throughout the day too! 

Even without the use of my power tools, I did manage to get some more work done on another project for my next book and I added a bit more decor to the chicken coop. Halloween came and went - we're too far off the beaten path to get any trick-or-treaters - but I did dress the ducks up in tutus to mark the occasion. Enjoy this peek at our week!

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