Take a Peek at our Week Jan 7th - 13th

Well, the big news this week was that my new kids book Let's Hatch Chicks! was released! And I'm happy to announce that it was the #1 new release in Childrens Zoology books on Amazon - even beating out a book published by National Geographic that came out the same day! My new book is getting great reviews so far from kids and adults alike, and I hope you'll pick up a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local library or you can order a personally signed copy directly from me. 
This week we got some more snow (this is Maine and it's winter after all!), but the weather warmed up considerably and we enjoyed temperatures above freezing for the first time in awhile. That made for a perfect opportunity to squeeze in the last photo shoot with Peg from CoopDuJour Photography (who took this awesome headshot of me and Violet) for my next book which will be coming out this fall. Stay tuned for more details on that. 
We also had swinging chickens and flying chickens this week. Honest! And I think most exciting of all - I finally finished organizing my spice drawer! I have to thank Linda over at Garden Betty for the idea. I love having the little jars in a drawer where I can see them all instead of shoved on a shelf in the cabinet.
Anyway, I'm working on so many exciting things for the coming year! I'll share details in the coming weeks, but think TV show, DVD, product line, more book announcements and hopefully a few book signing dates.  Stay warm and dry, give your girls extra treats and hugs and enjoy this peek at our week!

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