Take a Peek at my Week - Jan 28th to Feb 3

I love all four seasons, but I think this is one of my favorite times of the year. The rush of the holidays is over, the pressure and time commitment of garden season hasn't started yet. I'm usually in between books, so no crazy deadlines, and I haven't started traveling for spring chick days yet. That gives me time to kind of unwind and relax and enjoy the life we've built here in Maine.

This week we took Bella and Winston for a walk in the woods in between snow storms (I think it snowed four days out of seven this week!), I did some cooking and baking and I had time to plan a fun menu for the Super Bowl. I really have no interest in the game, except that it's a good excuse to eat some delicious food! This year I'll be making a yummy cheesy dip and steak sliders, and for a fun adult beverage, we'll be sipping Lemon Drops made with fresh squeezed lemon juice. After all, it IS still winter and we need our Vitamin C!
I still need to catch up on some of the magazines that are starting to pile up, and my closet could use a little straightening up, but no matter what that groundhog says, we definitely have six weeks of winter left and I intend to enjoy it! And you enjoy this peek at our week!

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