Take a Peek at our Week - Feb 11-17

Happy Valentine's week everyone! I hope you shared the day with a loved one - or at least treated yourself to a day that was all about YOU. My husband brought home the most gorgeous rose bouquet for me and I normally cook or we go out to dinner, but this year we decided to treat ourselves to coffee and donuts instead that morning ... and oddly enough, one of my donuts appeared to have chicken feet drawn in icing on it..or maybe that's just how my mind works, but see what you think! 

It was nice to have the week to relax, do some baking, work on finalizing details on a few more branded products that will hit the store shelves this spring (SO exciting!) and just take a few deep breaths before the spring whirlwind begins. I already have over a dozen stops planned for this spring's chick days tour with Blue Seal Feeds, so my April is shaping up to be a bit crazy! We've still got plenty of snow, despite the temperatures reaching close to 50 degrees, but egg production should be picking up here soon. 

We had a visit from some wild turkeys this week. They have gotten so used to seeing us, the chickens and ducks, and our dogs, Bella and Winston, around, they almost seem like they're part of our family now! Either that, or they've heard about all the yummy snacks the chickens get and want in on some of that action!  Anyway, have a lovely long holiday weekend - and enjoy this peek at our week! (Note: If you like my coffee mug, the link to order one is at the bottom of this post. No, not the Dunkin Donuts cup...scroll down!)

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