Take a Peek at our Week - Feb 18-24

This week was punctuated with a bit of snow, some nice warm sunny days, a couple of lovely walks in the woods with our dogs Bella and Winston, and then ended in sadness when we lost our oldest chicken, our Australorp named Charlotte, last night. She was part of our very first batch of chicks we got back in February of 2009 from My Pet Chicken

I had seen signs of her age over the last few months, and the last few weeks especially, so it wasn't a complete shock and I thought I was mentally prepared, but I have to be honest, it was hard. I guess because we've been so lucky and not lost chickens to illness or predators, I haven't been able to become immune to the heartache. So it was a bit of a somber day around here. I believe that our other chickens and even the ducks feel the loss - we all grieve in our own way. 

I debated skipping tonight's post, but I hear from so many of you how much you enjoy seeing my photos, and that's one of the most wonderful things about chickens - the joy they bring to us all, in addition to their delicious eggs. So enjoy this peek at my week - and cherish each and every day you have with your flock because you never know which day might be their last. Charlotte will definitely be missed, but life goes on...

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