Take a Peek at our Week - Feb 4th to 10th

This week was all about snow. Despite the fact that we're almost halfway through February and the rest of the country is dreaming of planting seeds and choosing their baby chicks for this year, here in Maine, we're still squarely sitting in the middle of winter.  The chickens made themselves scarce, but the ducks didn't let the snow faze them. I used the snow days to work on my next book (we're coming down to the wire now and I should have a cover and title to share with you all very soon!), cook some comfort food, enjoy a lobster dinner (out-of-staters don't hate me, but lobster is under $8/pound here in Maine right now!) and finalize the details for a bunch of book signings and appearances for this spring (more details on that soon too!) Enjoy this peek at our week.

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