Avocado Sage Deviled Duck Eggs

When eggs are plentiful and we have a barbeque or other social event to go to, I love to bring a tray of deviled eggs. For Memorial Day this year, I decided to share with you my deviled duck egg recipe using fresh sage from the garden.

I don't really have an actual recipe. I just splash and mix and taste until I'm happy with the results, so feel free to do the same. You really can't go wrong. I really love the addition of avocado oil in this recipe. It makes the filling even richer and creamier than usual. And champagne wine vinegar is a nice touch. Using duck eggs is fun, but you can swap in chicken eggs if you don't have any duck eggs. 

Note: To make a dozen deviled eggs, I like to use six eggs plus two additional yolks to be sure I have enough filling.

What you Need

Eight duck eggs
Spoonful of mayonnaise of your choice (try making your own! It's so easy!)
Splash or two of Champagne wine vinegar
Spoonful of stone ground mustard
Splash of avocado oil
Salt and white pepper 
Small sage leaves, for garnish

First, hard cook, cool and peel the eggs.  Steaming fresh eggs instead of boiling them is my trick to be sure that even eggs fresh from the coop peel perfectly.

Carefully cut six of the eggs in half the short way and arrange the white halves on an egg tray. Mash  the yolks (plus the yolks from the two remaining eggs) in a small bowl with a pastry cutter or potato masher, adding the remaining ingredients to taste.

Continue to mash until smooth and creamy then scoop some filling into each egg white using an ice cream scoop. Garnish with a fresh sage leaf. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to eat.

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