Take a Peek at our Week May 13-19

So this week was a bit bittersweet. We started off by burying Charlotte, our flock matriarch that we lost back in February and who was in the deep freezer in the barn until the ground defrosted. She was such a good chicken and I still think the other girls miss her. I know I do. I thought it was very fitting to bury her on Mother's Day since she was such a good 'mother hen' to so many chicks over the years. 

But despite that sad start to the week, it was impossible to not have our spirits lifted as we enjoyed the warm spring-like weather this week. Flowers are blooming and everything is green. It's hard to wait to get our gardens really started for at least another week or so, but we did have a frost overnight one night and came close again last night, so we still have to wait. But pretty soon, we'll be planting seeds and flowers and the farm will be sporting color everywhere the eye can see! Enjoy this peek at our week!

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