Take a Peek at our Week - June 24-30

This week I managed to tear myself away from the Littles (they'll be four weeks old this Sunday!) and - finally - get the top of our run done. As in, done right. We just had plastic poultry netting over the top, which has been great to keep out the hawks, but I've been worried that something like a weasel or fisher cat would climb up and over and tear right through it, so this week was the week to get that done. As you might already know if you follow on Facebook or Instagram, my husband and I did great at teamwork and got the whole project done with no yelling or crying (win for us!!!)

Of course I still spent way too much time just watching our chicks and ducklings play outside, way too much time filling and refilling their feed and water and shuttling the ducklings outside for the day and then back in the house each night, but we also did some spring cleaning in the house and decluttered a bit... and yes, I know it's summer.

We also dragged two rusty grills and an old (but perfectly functional) push lawnmower to the end of the driveway, I painted a "FREE" sign on a piece of cardboard, and then we took bets on whether or not they would be there the next morning (they weren't - even my sign was gone!). Just a typical summer week in Maine. Enjoy this peek!

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