Take a Peek at my Week - July 8 to 14

This week brought relief from the oppressive heat and humidity and Maine is back to being a great place to live! The days have been in the high 70s to low 80s and and the nights have been perfect for sleeping, in the 50s.

We had a fairly quiet week at home this week, although we did spend one afternoon in Camden, having lunch and then meeting local author Paul Doiron who writes a wonderful mystery series about a fictional Maine game warden (you can find his books here) at the Owl & Turtle Bookstore. It was such an honor to meet him and have him sign my book!

Then yesterday I headed to Portland for a cast and crew party to celebrate the third season of my TV show! We had a really nice luncheon at Nonesuch River Brewing in Scarborough with the film crew and other station employees, my producer Hannah Sirois, the station owner, Jodi Scott and her family from Green Goo and Jason Harris from Blue Seal

The rest of the week was spent enjoying our ever-growing Littles!  The older chicks and ducklings are six weeks old, and our lone baby chick is just two weeks old.  We also have started harvesting a bit from our (completely neglected) garden. Enjoy this peek at our week!


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