Take a Peek at my Week - Aug 26 to Sept 1

Well, September has arrived and not a moment too soon! This has been such a hot, humid (but dry rain-wise) summer that I'm really so ready for it to be over. Our vegetable garden was a disaster, all the flowers around the house are pretty much dried up, although I'm cutting what I can and our grass is yellow and crunchy. 

(As an aside, I'll be interested to see how the extreme conditions this summer will affect the fall foliage. We already have seen a few leaves turning, so it won't be long now before Maine is blanketed in her fall finery!) 

But the week was still a good one. Egg production has slowed a bit due to the heat and shorter days (anyone else notice that the chickens are going to bed earlier and earlier these days!?!), the ducks are in full molt and the chickens aren't far behind them, but we should start seeing some eggs from this spring's chicks in a few weeks.

I've been busy harvesting herbs to dry them for the winter, and of course knee deep in a few exciting projects for next year! More on that later....

It's amazing that just a few days ago, we reached heat indices of near 100 degrees, and then this morning, it was as if someone flipped a switch and it was a brisk 45 degrees when I woke up  this morning. Now, that's more like it! Enjoy this peek at our week! And have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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