Take a Peek at Our Week - Sept 2 to 8

We celebrated Labor Day and welcomed the first full week of September to Maine this week, but you would never know it from the thermometer. From a high about 90 degrees one day, to lows in the 40s at night, the temperature swings have been crazy.  We bounced around from summer to fall pretty much all week.

The chickens and ducks have started molting, sensing the shorter days, egg production from my older girls has slowed down a bit (but we're looking forward to eggs from our new spring chickens and ducks in just a few weeks!), and other than a few pumpkins and our corn which still has a bit more growing to do, the garden is done. After the hottest summer on record here in Maine, we're really looking forward to some good sleeping weather. 

I'm off to upstate New York next week on a Country Max/Blue Seal tour so this coming week was spent tidying up some loose ends, giving the coop a good cleaning and preparing for my trip and capped the week off by volunteering at the annual Field Day at the local Rogers Farm community garden as part of my Maine Master Gardener volunteer work.  Enjoy this peek at my week!

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