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I know I've missed a few weekend roundups of my favorite photos from the prior week - and I apologize. My new book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks  was just released on October 9th, and life has been crazy busy since. 

I've been traveling around Maine and also to Ohio, New York and Connecticut signing books and made an appearance on Good Morning Maine earlier this week. I also recorded a feature segment for News Center Maine that will air next week and also one with Mike McGrath for NPR (I'll share the links to those when they go live).

But in between travels, I have still managed to slow down a bit to relax and unwind and enjoy life on the farm.  I did miss a good portion of our stunning foliage season this year, but not all. And I got to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. Our spring Littles will be 21 weeks old on Monday, so eggs can't bee too far in the future from them! Here's a peek at the last several weeks!

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