Take a Peek at our Week Dec 23 to 29

It's hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone. It feels like we just finishing putting up our decorations! Normally we leave our tree and all the lights and decorations up well into January, but for some reason this year, I'm eager to get everything put away and move on. 

(The chickens and ducks will be happy about this because they always get our tree in their run after we take it down. They love to perch in the branches and take naps underneath it!) 

Anyway, I think one reason I'm so impatient to pack up Christmas and move on is because I have so much planned for the new year including working on my next book, getting started filming a new television show, my own digital TV channel, plus new products to be added to my Fresh Eggs Daily feed supplement line. I just want the holidays to be over, and the new year to get underway already! 

It doesn't help that the weather has been bouncing from the single digits and snow, to the low 50s and rain. My poor garlic is probably so confused! 

On the egg front, I think five of our seven new pullets have started laying, so we're pretty much drowning in eggs over here! (And I've been baking to my heart's content! In fact, I tried making meringues for the first time ever!) Such pretty egg colors too from our Australorps, Lavender Orpingtons, Favaucana, Ameraucana and Blue Marans. 

We still have two Ice Cream Bars (half Swedish Isbar and half Cream Legbar) that are a few weeks younger, so they haven't started laying yet, nor have our ducks. We added four new ducks this year: Blue and Black Swedish, Silver Appleyard and a Cayuga.  I can't wait to see the gray/black eggs the cayuga lays!

Have you guess by now that patience is not one of my virtues?!?! Anyway, enjoy this peek at our week.

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