Take a Peek at our Week Nov 25-Dec 1

This week was all about snow! It's crazy to think that we haven't even dipped our toes into December yet, but we've already shoveled and plowed more than 9 INCHES of snow! (and I know some parts of northern New York got even more!)

Now don't get me  wrong, I LOVE snow, but when it comes this early in the season, it's so warm out that we end up with heavy, wet, slushy snow. 

The kind that's impossible to move, the kind I'm afraid will collapse the top of my chicken run and the kind that's perfect for making snowmen, but not so good for anything else. 

But we got it all cleaned up, a bit melted today once the sun came out, and we'll just call that a little introduction to winter. Enjoy this peek at our week!

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