Take a Peek at my Week Jan 13 to 19

It's been cold this week here in Maine. Like really cold. I don't think it's gone above freezing in days and we're easily falling below zero overnight with the wind chill.  

But the coop is filled with nice fresh straw, I've been a bit more generous with yummy treats each afternoon, and our chickens and ducks are taking it all in stride. They're such troopers! 

Our new layers are keeping us in eggs, which is such a nice bonus of getting new chicks each spring, but our new little ducks still haven't produced anything. But... I did spy a little nest in one corner of the coop, so maybe that means they're getting ready to start laying! 

We're on the cusp of a pretty big storm which is predicted to dump 18-24" inches of snow on us over the next two days or so, so stay tuned for some pretty major snow photos coming your way on Instagram next week! In the meantime, take a peek at our week! 

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