Welcome to my Farm Feb 17 to 23

To celebrate the launch of my TV show Welcome to my Farm, I've decide to rebrand a bit and also call my Saturday night weekly round-up of photos (formerly called Take a Peek at my Week) Welcome to my Farm going forward - because that's what I've been doing all these years via this blog and social media, welcoming you all to my farm.

This week we got almost a foot of nice fresh new snow, so everything looks pretty again and the ducks are back to "snow swimming" which they always enjoy while the chickens are again putting it to a vote exactly WHY we chose to move to Maine! 

But regardless our new spring Littles are popping out beautiful eggs for us and the ducks are also laying up a storm. That means some baking this weekend I think! 

Our three Pekin ducks turned ten years old this month which is quite the accomplishment! Gregory is our sole drake and he's been such a gentleman all these years looking after his girls - eleven at the current time.

I've been taking advantage of the snow and cold to get some work done on my new book slated for spring of 2020, and I'll share more on that later as my publisher allows me to! 

I'll also have details for you soon on how to catch the pilot episode of Welcome to my Farm online, and if you're in Maine or New Hampshire, remember you can watch every Sunday morning at 11:30am starting tomorrow morning.

So... without further ado... welcome to my farm! 

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