Welcome to my Farm Feb 24 to Mar 2

This week was SOOOOO exciting! We got our very first Cayuga duck egg! I've wanted Cayugas for so long for those dark charcoal gray eggs and our little Kiwi finally started laying. It's been so much fun to see her egg each morning. 
What started out as a jet black egg has already faded to a light charcoal gray egg in just five days.  Hopefully her eggs won't lighten up much more than that though.
In other news, I'm heading to Texas for the week, while Maine is expecting two snowstorms! So at least I"ll avoid shoveling! But I understand the temperatures in Texas will be dropping 40 degrees pretty much right after I arrive, so clearly I'm bringing some Maine weather south with me! 
I hope the weather is starting to feel like spring where you are...and in the meantime, if you still love to see snow photos, enjoy this peek at our week! 

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