Welcome to my Farm Mar 10-16

Despite a light snowfall early in the week, spring is definitely in the air here in Maine. 

Although it will still be awhile before we can even think about planting anything outside, the air is warmer, the snow piles are melting .... and there's mud everywhere! 

Sidenote: This of course makes the ducks happy, but no one else seems too impressed! 

The coop got a good cleaning out just prior to the film crew arriving midweek to shoot another episode of Welcome to my Farm (airing on NBC here in Maine Sundays at 11:30am). 

The Easter episode will begin airing the first week of April, so be sure to check your listings! 

I was glad to have an excuse to pull out all the old straw and composted manure (great to put on my garden this spring!) and finally get up under the eaves "wallpapered" with some pretty black and white paisley contact paper to match the buffalo check curtains in the coop.

It was fun to decorate with cheerful colors and to pretend it was spring during filming. We dyed eggs, did a cute kids Easter craft, did some baking and even started seeds. I know you'll all love the new episode.

And I promise, this coming week we'll be sharing how you can watch digitally if you don't live in Maine! In the meantime, welcome to my farm - enjoy this peek at our week!

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