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Welcome to my Farm Mar 17-23

Well, this week certainly flew by! While spring is definitely right around the corner, we were still treated to a random snow storm midweek. But fortunately that didn't interfere with my heading to Husson University to record a radio show at the New England School of Communications.
I was so honored to have been asked to be on the same show that "Mr. Maine", Bill Green, and bestselling author (and former editor of Down East magazine) Paul Doiron have been on. And in fact, the same day I was there, Officer Tim Cotton who writes the Bangor Police Facebook page was also on! 
The next day, I spent the afternoon at the Bangor Blue Seal store playing with all the new baby chicks that had just arrived..... er, recording a Facebook Live video for the Blue Seal page. And trust me, it was SO hard to leave empty-handed. A bin of peeping chicks is like a homing beacon for me! 
But since we're literally drowning in eggs at the moment.....beautiful, muddy, delicious, fresh, did I mention muddy? eggs...maybe I don't actually need any more chickens.  Oh, who am I kidding? It's not about "need"... none of us really need any more... it's ALL about "want'!
Anyway, I didn't bring home any chicks. This time.
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day last Sunday at Dysart's, our local truck stop and favorite spot for good old fashioned comfort food. Their Reuben really hit the spot.
And in between it all, I had my nose to the grind stone working on my next book. Although it's not going to be released until spring of 2020, my deadline to turn my manuscript in to my editor is in just a few weeks, so no more procrastinating. It was time to really get to work putting the finishing touches on it.
Oh, and last but not least.... I was awarded a blue "verified" check mark by Instagram! I know it probably seems like nothing, but bona fide brands and celebs on the various social media platforms get the check marks and this is my very first EVER check mark which totally proves that I'm legit! Finally. So thank you Instagram! 
Please enjoy this peek at our week. The snow, mud, sleet, rain and sunshine which all combine to create spring in Maine! 

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