Welcome to my Farm - It's Really Spring... Finally!

Whoever said "April showers bring May flowers" must have been talking about Maine. Easter Sunday was dark and drizzly, and the weather didn't improve much all week. Rain and more rain. But I guess we can at least be thankful it wasn't snow! 

It's crazy to believe that the week before last we DID have snow on the ground...and now there's already green grass poking through the warm soil.  

Well, "warm" might be a bit of an exaggeration. We still have been lighting our wood stove to take the chill out of the air, and I'm still wearing my winter jacket and mittens to open up the coop in the morning, but eggs are plentiful, the lilacs are budding and the irises and tulips are getting taller.

In fact, many of you may remember Charlotte, our flock matriarch who we lost a year ago? I planted nine Queen of Night black tulips on her grave last fall (one for each year we had her), and they're coming up as well. 

I still think about her from time to time - she was such a sweet hen - and I"m excited to see what the flowers look like in bloom. 

For Easter, I used some of our beautiful duck eggs to make a batch of Funfetti Angel Food Cupcakes (here's a great recipe from Cooking Classy) that were both delicious and festive! So fun and they really made our Easter table look like spring along with our naturally dyed Easter eggs and cute bunny decor I made! 

In other news, in between rain showers, we had a run-in shed delivered from Horizon Structures in Pennsylvania. 

We've needed some sort of outbuilding to store sand for the driveway where it's protected from the elements but easy to get to all winter to keep the driveway passable. 

I really hoped that at the eleventh hour I could convince my husband that we should get some mini donkeys for the shed instead... but no luck. And in retrospect, they wouldn't be much help keeping the driveway clear anyway! 

I also managed to work some more on my new book which is coming out next spring - but due to my editor next WEEK!!! Eek! The late spring and all the rain hasn't been helpful for the parts that need to be done outside, I can tell you that! 

But I'll get it all done in time (I hope!) and I hope you love it as much as you've enjoyed all my previous books

I finished up the week down in Windham at the Blue Seal store at a duck event they held on Saturday, and brought Baby Ginger, Custard and Fig with me and everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

It was hard not to stuff my pockets with ducklings as I left. I had to remind myself that I have some coming from Meyer Hatchery this week! Enjoy this peek at my week!

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