It was JUST Mother's Day, now it's already Memorial Day?

Well these last two weeks just FLEW by! We went from Mother's Day and snow in the forecast (yup, that's right, snow in May...) to Memorial Day and temperatures in the high 70s! 

That inspired me to bake a winter/spring cake in fact. In the interest of saving time, I just used a Ghiardelli boxed chocolate cake mix with a raspberry jam layer frosted with white chocolate whipped cream and garnished with fresh strawberries. 

Then I sprinkled the strawberries with confectioners and coarse sugar to represent the snow. 

I missed the last one or two weekly roundups and apologize for that, but between raising our chicks and ducklings, who are now a MONTH old - and trying to get everything else done, time just got away from me.   

But can you believe it? The Littles are already a month old! 

And ferrying them back and forth - outside on nice sunny afternoons  then back inside to sleep under the heat lamp - and of course spending way too much time just WATCHING the can understand why I got a little behind on my blog posts!

I'm also scrambling to finish up edits on my next book (coming out next spring) and then we did two photo shoots for that...oh, and I'm working on adding two exciting new products to my feed supplement line this spring. So all in all, keeping busy.

In between, I made a trip out to Fryeburg for the spring Home Flower and Garden show and had a wonderful time meeting so many of you, and I got to meet the stars of DIY Network's Maine Cabin Masters! 

We harvested our first rhubarb which is destined to be a delicious pie, but are still waiting to get our first veggies in the ground until it stops raining... at least for two days in a row!  

But our flowers are blooming and we went and got ice cream to kick off the holiday weekend on Saturday. Enjoy this peek at our week! 

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