Welcome to my Farm - The Littles are Two Weeks Old!

Two week old chicks and ducklings have a way of getting in the way of getting anything done here on the farm! It's so easy to just while away the hours watching them play and grow, explore and interact. 

So, I promise you, I didn't forget my weekly update... it's just a little bit late! And you can blame the Littles completely! 

Fortunately, the weather warmed up a bit last week, so I was able to get the ducklings outside for awhile each sunny afternoon to play in the grass a bit. 

That really cuts down on the mess with them and the exercise and fresh air is so good for them to build strong bones.

The chicks only went out for a short photo session, then came right back inside. They aren't nearly as cold-tolerant as the ducklings - and their brooder doesn't get nearly as messy! - so they spent most of the week inside. 

I always do add some clumps of dirt and grass or weeds to their brooder to give them something to amuse themselves with. They love nibbling off the tops of the grass and scratching in the roots looking for goodies.

So... better late than never... enjoy this peek at last week! 

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