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Love and Loss on the Farm

While raising animals is such a joy and such a major part of our lives, the reality is that with the love comes loss.

We lost one of our oldest ducks, Custard, this week. 

While it didn't come as a surprise, the heartache was no less. 

She turned eight years old earlier this year. She was one of our Saxonies, a beautiful pale salmon-colored duck, who laid huge white eggs for us for years. 

Some of you might also remember that Custard hatched Ginger years ago. 

Ginger was the sole duckling that hatched one summer in Virginia despite over hundred degree days and a black snake determined to steal all her eggs. 

Sadly, we lost Ginger way too early. She was just such a big personality that I think her flame burned out. Her heart just stopped one day.

Since Ginger's death, Custard had been different. She was quieter, more introspective. I would catch her standing staring off into the woods often. She just seemed to lose her zest for life after losing her "daughter".

In the law few weeks, Custard visibly slowed down and I knew she wouldn't last much longer.

She passed in her sleep one night and I found her the next morning. It was a peaceful passing and I know that she lived the best live I - or anyone - could have given her.

Despite her passing, it was impossible to be sad for long when summer in Maine is so beautiful. Life goes on and we must also go on for those who depend and rely on us. Enjoy this peek at our week. 

RIP Custard, you will be missed more than you know.

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