There's Nothing Like Summer in Maine. Happy Summer Solstice!

I know I keep saying this, but doesn't it seem like time is just flying? 

I mean, it was just Memorial Day and now it's almost 4th of July! 

Between traveling to Rhode Island, New York, Ohio and Maryland, I missed a good chunk of this spring, but finally I'm home for the duration and we managed to get lots of flowers planted, my herb garden and the veggie garden are in, and everything looks beautiful! 

I'm also just wrapping up the photo shoots for my next book due out in spring of 2020, so once that's done, I'll look forward to being able to relax a bit and really enjoy summer in Maine.

I have to say that there's nothing like summer in New England. Other than maybe a week of blistering hot, humid weather, the rest of the summer, we are perfectly comfortable opening the windows and turning on the ceiling fans. 

Nights are comfortably cool - perfect for sleeping - and days are long.

Stuff grows like weeds! Including Littles! Our spring chicks and ducklings will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.. how is that even possible? 

I know I've missed a few weeks of photos, so do apologize for that and to make it up to you I've included a few more than usual for ya this week! (and remember, you can always come join me on Instagram so you don't miss a single one...and can browse and enjoy them at your leisure)


Enjoy this peek at our week! And happy Summer Solstice!

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