Chickens and Ducks and Geese... Oh My!

We spent a quiet week at home just enjoying our goslings who will turn 3 weeks old tomorrow, our new spring chicks and ducklings who will be 13 weeks soon, and of course our grown up big girls, Sherman and Gregory. 

Well, that's not entirely true. 

We also cleaned out our barn and now are busy organizing everything and my husband is making racks to hang stuff like the tractor chains and snow shovels - and setting up a better tool bench area -  to make it easier to find things.

In the midst of that, I managed to throw out my back, so I'm taking it easy for few days while that heals. 

It's been hot by Maine standards, so that means many trips back and forth to the coop to refill water tubs and bring everyone chilled snacks, and watering the flowers in the window boxes and barrels so they don't wilt in the glaring sun.

The vegetable garden is still limping along - we've harvested a few more radishes and some garlic - and our corn is almost waist high. But in the heat, most everything else just bolted before I could pick it.

Same with the herb garden, everything is blooming (which the bees and butterflies love!), but that's not so great as far as harvesting herbs to use for cooking goes.

But besides that, it's been a great week here in Maine!

We've had everyone out free ranging together which is so much fun to watch - and so good as far as creating one cohesive flock.

Enjoy this peek at our week.


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