The Duck Days of Summer

We're well into the "duck days" of summer here in Maine, and it's been a hot one. 

Pretty atypical for these parts, and honestly, a bit harder to handle than it was to handle the heat when we lived in Virginia.

The South "knows" heat. 

Mainers not so much. 

We "know" snow up here. 

Give us a foot of the fluffy white stuff and we don't skip a beat (meanwhile an inch of snow can bring the South to a screeching halt!).  

But turn up the heat and we're sweltering. 

Many (most?) homes don't have air conditioning, much less central air. Even my dentist office didn't have air conditioning when I went for my appointment this week.

Our chicken coop here in Maine is in full sun. All day long. In Virginia, it was tucked into the shade of our barn so it would stay cool.

So keeping everyone cool is tough when Maine sees record heat. 

But with lots of cool water, electrolytes, shade cloth over the run and a swimming pool for the ducks and goslings, everyone is doing just fine.

As for us humans, we've enjoyed mojitos with fresh mint from our herb garden, and now that I've finished my next book (DIY Chicken Keeping, now available for PRE-ORDER!!!!), I've had some free time, so I'm perfecting my gnocchi-making skills! 

The garden is full of weeds, but still producing peas, beans, radishes and rainbow chard; I just harvested the last of the garlic.

Our berry bushes are loaded, so I need to get the ripe fruit picked before a bear/wild turkey/turtle/chicken happens to come by and wipe the bushes clean.

And egg production is still good despite the heat.

Our goslings turn one month old tomorrow and they're already as bag as our ducks and getting used to the routines around here.

And in other news, my duck book Duck Eggs Daily that originally came out in 2015 has been re-released with a new cover, several new interior photos, and some updated information for 2019! 

Grab yourself a signed copy directly from me ... Amazon and other retailers still might have the original 1st editions on the shelf for awhile longer until they need to restock.

Enjoy this peek at our week!

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