There's a Hint of Chill in the Air This Week

It seems like summer just started, but after a couple of days that reached into the high 80s with a fairly high humidity level, we're all ready for fall.

I hate to say that because it will be a long 8 months or so until the weather gets warm again, but the cool temps are SO much easier on the animals, lawn and tender herbs like basil.

But the heat and humidity cleared out (whew!) and ushered in some pretty cool temps, especially overnight. "Good sleeping weather" we call it! 

Egg production is high, and finally our tomatoes are starting to ripen,  but we're still waiting for corn and pumpkins from the garden, as well as watermelon and cantaloupe... 

And our goslings are seven weeks old! Can you believe it?

They have been enjoying the bulk of our attention these days because we want to make sure they're well-socialized and stay friendly as adults, but don't worry, the chickens and ducks are still starring in some photos here and there. 

Enjoy this peek at our week!

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