Hello Fall!


I can't believe it's been two weeks since I got back from California. 

I have a lot of photos to get you all caught up on I guess! 

These past few weeks just flew by! Fall is definitely in the air, the leaves are changing, and I'm loving it! 

I think everyone's a bit relieved that the days of 90 degree weather are over - at least until next year. 

We love the crisp air, the chill in the morning, and then the warm sunshine by afternoon.

Of course egg production has almost ground to a halt (JUST when I'm itching to start baking again of course!).

The older girls are molting and the younger Littles haven't started laying yet.

I'm usually pretty good at getting that to overlap, but we got our chicks and ducklings too late this spring, so now we have an egg shortage.

But soon enough the little ones will start up and that should take us through the winter.

Since the chickens are molting, they were happy to take a backseat this week and let the geese hog the spotlight. And the geese were happy to oblige!

We harvested our first cantaloupe last week, along with some nice ears of fresh corn, and two pumpkins. 

I still have watermelon and a few more pumpkins in the garden, but at this point it's a race against the frost! Fingers crossed it will hold off long enough to get at last one watermelon that we can enjoy.

Enjoy this peek at the last two weeks around here! 

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