My Littles aren't Babies any Longer!

This past week we hit two milestones. 

First, our spring chicken Littles laid their first egg! 

I found a smallish egg laying outside the coop that was laid by one of our Marans that hatched last spring.

They turned 18 weeks old this weekend, so it's a bit on the early side to start laying, and I would guess their production will be sporadic for a few weeks yet. 

And in other news, our new goslings turned 8 weeks old. 

Officially making them the largest poultry we have on our farm!

Even the smallest gosling, Sophie, is bigger than Gregory, our Pekin drake.

And they still have some growing to do!

The weather has turned decidedly cooler, and a few leaves have started to turn, heralding in some of the most gorgeous weather that Maine has to offer.

Which makes it bittersweet that I'll be heading West for the next 2 weeks, visiting California and the Ohio Country Living Fair

I do love to travel and meet some of you in person, but it's SO hard to leave our farm! 

So I'm making the most of my last day at home. 

We celebrated Labor Day in style yesterday with a friend up from Connecticut enjoying fresh Maine lobster, local butter from happy Maine cows, and Angry Orchard rose'.

Enjoy this peek at our week ... and enjoy your Labor Day holiday.

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