Falling into Fall

There's no denying that this is the season for everything pumpkin or apple spiced, the season of brightly colored foliage, of the first fire in the fireplace, and plaid flannel. 
Maine embodies everything that is quintessentially autumn.
And one reason why we love living in Maine so much! 
This past weekend we shot a brand new episode of my TV show Welcome to my Farm which will start airing at our new time - Noon on Saturdays! 
Be sure to watch starting on Saturday, October 19th on NBC here in Maine and New Hampshire. We really worked hard to capture all the fall feels in this episode, so I know you're going to love it!
And even more exciting, now all the previous episodes will begin to be available on Roku/AmazonFire through Vimeo! We'll be uploading them over the next few weeks.
Check out my new site there.
And I'm also going to be launching a new Vimeo on Demand channel soon where you can watch all the episodes without any commercial interruptions.
But in other news, the final touches are going on my next book DIY Chicken Keeping which is coming out in just 120 days! 
You can pre-order a copy now to be sure you get it delivered to your door as soon as it is released.
(As an aside: It seems strange not to be building something every free minute I have!)
So now that I have some free time, I've been cooking and baking a bit more, and spending time just hanging out at home, which is so nice! 
Although in a few weeks, I'm off to Atlanta to the Country Living fair. I'll be speaking on Friday afternoon, if you're in the area and feel like stopping by.

I would love to meet you and it should be a fun weekend! 
I am excited myself to meet Erin and Ben Napier from HGTV's HomeTown, as well as Ashley Williams from the Hallmark Christmas movies. And Nancy Fuller from the Food Network's Farmhouse Rules will also be there. I've met her before. She's such a neat lady, so I'm excited to see her again.
In the meantime, enjoy this peek at our week!

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